United team,dream flying

Author: admin | Time:2018.01.15
In order to improve teamwork, on January 7, 2018, 15 employees of our company went to outdoor expansion training. the training will help keep team activity and help the team grow up. It is an outdoor experience training specially designed for modern teamwork.

Before the starting, the coach will make some cheerful activities, create a teamwork atmosphere, and establish a base of mutual trust. Then we were divided into four groups, and competed in “trusting back-fall," "drive train", "sky wooden bridge", "high flying", "broken sky bridge", "mass escape", " graduation wall " and other activities, and then the final "graduation wall", a group cooperation activity. What’s more , when we attend in the " graduation wall ", we were strongly aware that team success was the foundation of individual success; personal success will be based on the efforts and support of other team members. And those sky challenges trained everyone dare to challenge ,and encourage each other to defeat fear; "mass escape" will enhance the character of will and cooperation; "graduation wall “help to improve  

by this experience training, after the intense work and pressure, we were close to the nature, feel the green mountains and clean rivers, dreams flying, improve work efficiency, arousing the enthusiasm and positivity for future work and at the same time, it will provide a firm foundation for company's humanistic construction and sustainable development basis