LED stage background screen a wide range of applications

Author: admin | Time:2016.01.07
Formed 1990 years ago in the growth of large screen display period, LED electronic display, application field widely, on the other hand, display control technology is basically a communication control mode, which objectively affect the display effect, as technology mature, large screen display has been applied to stage, after the 2008 Olympic Games, LED advertising screen began to constantly towards the Spring Festival gala, and stage markets play an important role. Remember in the 2012 Spring Festival gala show that large screen panel stage show warm chase widely attention and news.
With the progress of social science and technology as well as people of vision for continuous improvement, in the traditional stage effect can no longer satisfy the audience demand, on the one hand is that the traditional forms of a single stage effect. Stage and large screen display colorful, unique stage become to be bestowed favor on newly. Large screen display is the perfect combination of technology and media, can put the dream idea, give full play to certainly become a new power stage. Stage refers to the visual presentation part stage, generally including stage, LED electronic display screen, multimedia section, etc, and among them, LED electronic display occupies the important position, it is the core of stage design.
LED electronic display screen in the developed world, new information display media which USES synthetic technology of semiconductor materials, single crystal manufacturing technology and the p-n junction formation technology, the research progress of leds in the light color, brightness, etc to improve performance and quickly enter the mass and the practical application. Combining with the computer, information processing, and many other modern high and new technology, have strong environmental adaptation, high energy saving, long life, many changes, environmental protection, high peak and a series of advantages. LED stage background screen is not only the picture brightness, high contrast, colorful, and can display dynamic picture and text, its active light hair, long high resolution, even in hundreds of metres away, visual effect like watching TV at home, has been widely used in many public places visitors, traffic arteries, stage performances, etc.
High current, high refresh, gray-scale higher-end large-screen display can not only satisfy the requirements of the human eyes to watch, and also applies for high-speed video cameras and cameras, so it's for display in the party, sports tournament provides conditions for the application.