LED Mesh display Project

The case application of LED Mesh display


1.LED Mesh display,s61.44x13.44m
2.Product model: P10mm;cabinet size:1280x960mm;cabinet quantity:48x14pcs
3.Installation: Poles 
4. Outdoor LED display:
  >it requires high definition so that can let people feel walking in time tunnel
  >it mainly work in day time and the brightness should be 2500-7000nits
5.It requires waterproof, so there was a roof covering it: 

  >Water should not flow down along the hemming, so there was hemming around the LED display, and the water can flow down along the hole inside the poles.

.LED Mesh display,s61.44x13.44m

  >The red line is LED display, the two sides are walls, and the button line is ground 
  >It show the angle when people view it on the ground cannot exceed 45°

led mesh display,sky led display

Designing details
1、aluminum was added into the four corners of the cabinet to get more strength.
2、using longer bolts in the four corner of the cabinets, so there were more thread in the bolts to make the connecting more reliable; and also the paddy gaskets can provide more reliability  
3、Bolts was fixed into the aluminum blocks in cabinets, which will let the bolts stay inside tightly.
4、There are grooves in the cabinet to strengthen the structure of cabinets.  
5、And there are side bolts in cabinet to make the cabinet connection more reliable, which means thought all bolts in the four corner of the cabinets are lose, due to the connection of the side bolts, the cabinet still cannot fall down
6、There are 4 M10 bolts in one cabinet, and each bolt can carry over 2t.
7、Stainless steel bolts can service a longer lifetime
8、There is a safety rope in each cabinet to make it much more safe.
9、Also the module was fixed in the similar way of the cabinet 

led mseh display,led sky screen,full color led display

outdoor and indoor narrow pixel pitch LED display

With the development of LED display application, the market goes to more branches ,and the main products it much more clear, a variety of product will come out, the trend will be series and standardization.More and more new technology and new products will come out; and there will be more application area; outdoor and indoor narrow pixel pitch LED display will get more attention. So our KUULED sky LED display comes out with this trend, which will be your excellent choice.   

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